Get wide range of Cotton Threads with numerous colors at Nagpal Threads Factory

Nagpal Threads Factory is one of the leading cotton yarn suppliers in Delhi, providing the customers with high quality products . A Delhi based firm which in market since 30-40 years, have gained a very good reputation in the market because of the service provided to the customers.

We have got wide range of products such as Cotton Threads, Polyester threads, nylon thread, embroidery thread, seal tags, cable ties, loop pins, tag pins and hook and loop fasteners etc.



Keeping in mind the treand of online shopping, we offers embroidery threads online in India so that it becomes convenient for our customers to shop by sitting at their home. The products that are provided on different sites for sale are same as the same that are present at our shops. There will be no quality issues for the same.

Polyester Threads at Nagpal Threads Factory

Nagpal Threads Factory is one of the top polyester thread wholesalers in India and many other countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Bangladesh. From last many years we are manufacturing our own quality products with different specifications and color combinations, as per the requirements of the customers. We have become highly popular in the market and among the customers because of the products and durability of our services. logoOur customers are easily ready to rely at the quality of products that are offered by us. Quality and Durability is the most important aspect of us. and Feel free to contact Nagpal Threads Factory Factory for best range of Polyester Threads with numerous colors at


Nagpal thread Factory- A Place for Best Quality Stranded Cotton Embroidery thread

Nagpal thread Factory, a leading name among cotton thread manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi, produces a wide range of cotton threads in multiple colors and sizes. The product made here are of the flawless s quality as they pass through all kind of the quality tests, and then delivered to the clients.
The raw product goes through series of steps, from cleaning, stretching and twisting, to take out a good quality material in the market, to be used by people around, in need.

Embroidery threads in delhi
There are various types of threads produced here, including-

  1. Cotton- Most preferred and comfortable fabric in market.
  2. Nylon- Shiny, durable and smooth finish product.
  3. Polyester- Category of polymer, mostly used in textile industries, and fabrics like bed sheets, curtains, and draperies.
  4. Embroidery thread- Used for various designs in fabric.

Stranded cotton embroidery thread is another range of product design made by Nagpal, as being one of the widely used and finest material in thread industry. It is a kind of embroidery floss, which of very fine quality and used in varied embroidery designs.

Embroidery threads in delhi
As the name suggest, this thread consists of multiple strands, mainly 6, to make it work effectively for making the silk fabric. There are immense features that make it comfortable to wear and pleasurable to use as well for stitching purposes.
Customer satisfaction is the primary motto at Nagpal threads,

and so the team here genuinely works at its best to deliver their results on time and with perfection.

Embroidery Thread Suppliers


The embroidery thread is one which is made specifically for the embroidery purposes and other kinds of needle work. There are so many features which is making this thread the preferred choice by the crowd, and giving them so much of the varied work.

  • This thread is of the high quality with proper texture and colors. The final design of the embroidery depends on the thread being used,
  • This thread is very firm in size, which brings the accurate service.
  • Moreover, it doesn’t not require mortgage.
  • This thread offers the range of enhancements on the cloth produced, which can be noticed by using the fabric stitching.
  • If we talk of cotton, it may not be used more, but provide best results for the individual quilts.
  • The matching thread is one of the main parts to get the best performance.
  • The quilts produced from the embroidery thread are of very good quality. You can keep your clients in more love with you by giving them such quality product.
  • The polyester thread is also used as it does not fade, and also because of the strength and elasticity, it works incredibly for the embroidery work.
  • Likewise, rayon tread can also be used as it the very soft and in variety of colors. As it is doesn’t fray, so more suitable for the sewing machines.
  • Your machine also counts a lot, for if the thread is perfectly working over it or not. Because you are restricted as per the limitations it has.

Any person who wants the embroidery work should keep these facts in mind before moving ahead, so as to produce the perfect results in hand.


We, Nagpal thread factory is a popular embroidery thread suppliers and are genuinely dedicated for delivering the quality results to the clients. We also deals for all kinds of threads, along with the other products like cable ties, tag pins, seal tags, and loop pins. We offer the products in multiple colors and sizes, in other countries as well. We are a professional manufacturer, trader and supplier in the thread market.