How to Choose Right Cable Tie? Follow this Guide

Cable tie serves as a useful multipurpose material in various application areas. Although its basic use is for bundling wires and cables, but it is also a great tool for managing items at home and even at industries like transport. For varied range of applications to hold items, quality matters a lot depending upon the conditions where it is to be used.

If working in harsh and outdoor environment, there are so many factors to notice, like keeping it safe, away from moisture and any kind of damage. This is a crucial factor because the item must be in safe zone.

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There are few features which needs to be considered while making a choice, so that you will make best for your needs.

Design- Design is an important factor when ties has to be used for different applications. Like for say, standard nylon ties can be used for managing and securing wire harnesses, strain relief and wire management, desktop and video cable management, or even a good help in making temporary child locks on your cabinets. Another design of ties with a teeth outside are tend to be much less abrasive to wire insulation and thus acts as the product of choice in the aerospace industry.

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Strength– Determine the strength of the tie which is to be used. Tensile strength is the way to measure cable tie strength.

Environment– Before choosing what type of tie to use, some of the questions need to be answered like direct exposure to sunlight, working in a hazardous environment, exposure to various chemicals or acids, high heat application in which flammability and thermal properties become an issue, or any other crucial factor.

Nagpal Thread Factory is a popular name among cable ties suppliers in India and delivers a wide range of products as per client’s requirements. With more than 40 years of experience, the expert team here believes in making superior quality products by assuring performance at each phase of manufacturing.



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