Nagpal Thread Factory- A Hub for immense range of Cable ties

Cable ties, an efficient fastener for holding items is a helpful product in textile indusry and available in variety of specifications as per the load requirements.

They are the versatile and durable product to keep electric wires and cables safe enough from breakage and damage from external environment. cable cotton

As per the use and material used in making them, the type of cable ties varies, ranging as follows-

  • Nylon Ties– These are the most common and high quality ties ranging from miniature and standard ties to extra and heavy duty.

  • Releasable Cable Ties– The most cost effective way to bundle items where there is a need of rearranging the items later on. Means they are the reusable components.

  • Halar Ties– Most durable one and used in nuclear plants, aerospace, telecommunications. Their tensile strength varies as per the size variation, and resistant to fire and radiation. Moreover, if burnt they emit small amount of smoke.

  • Tefzel Ties– With a distinctive aqua color, they are used in applications which require resistance to hazards like uv radiation, chemical attacks, etc. Popular for being fire and acid resistant.

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties – Used in cases where there is some sort of liquid involved at extreme temperatures.

  • Metal Detectable Ties– Have most use in beverages, pharmaceuticals, and food preparation. They can be used with a magnet as made with the component where metal is mixed with the polymers.

Nagpal thread factory is a one stop solution if you are finding a reliable cable ties manufacturers in Delhi. It is a fine quality thread manufacturers for producing variety of threads including nylon, polyester and cotton along with other products as well like cable ties, seal tags, tag and loop pins. We believe in assuring quality at its best and giving satisfactory results to our prestigious clients.


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