Wholesale Cable Ties- Get Innovative New Ideas to Use Cable Ties here at Nagpal Thread Factory

When talk of Cable Ties, the first thought that came into mind is a material basically used for handling wires and cables, for safety purposes. It is actually a kind of fastener having a tape section with a triangular teeth, which organize the cables and thus keep them secure from any kind of disintegration and bending.

Types Described-

There are variety of cable ties available in the market, with a specific use as per the external resistance and capacity to hold load. These are-

  • Nylon Ties- A very basic material nylon 6.6 used.
  • Plastic ties- Quality plastic is used.
  • Stainless Steel ties- A high strength steel based material is used.
  • UV Protected ties- A highly sensitive and UV based material used.
  • Fiber optic ties- Made with fiber optic material used.
  • Releasable cable ties- This can be reused.

Application Areas-

There are various application areas where this amazing fastener can be used, including

  • Zip ties ffor floral arranging.
  • Oustanding designing work
  • To organize tools in the basement or garden area.
  • Heavy duty ties are supposed to carry heavy load, like truck’s flatbed.
  • Multiple color cable ties are used for craft projects like weaving baskets.
  • Releasable cable ties for arranging christmas lights.
  • Securing kitchen and bathroom cabinets containing products harmful for kids.
  • Making hanging loops for lightweight household items.
  • Used with christmas ornaments for separation.
  • Locking tent when camping.
  • Few ornaments need hanging strength which is met by cable ties.
  • It is also a great tool for household repair.
  • An efficient tool for storing items at your table, like napkin rings.

Nagpal Thread Factory is a well known manufacturer for variety of threads, along with other textile materials like Cable Ties, Tag pins, Loop pins, and Seal Tags. The quality maintained here with our expert team is unmatched and flawless with years of experience which made us a quality cable ties manufacturers.


Nagpal Thread Factory- A Hub for immense range of Cable ties

Cable ties, an efficient fastener for holding items is a helpful product in textile indusry and available in variety of specifications as per the load requirements.

They are the versatile and durable product to keep electric wires and cables safe enough from breakage and damage from external environment. cable cotton

As per the use and material used in making them, the type of cable ties varies, ranging as follows-

  • Nylon Ties– These are the most common and high quality ties ranging from miniature and standard ties to extra and heavy duty.

  • Releasable Cable Ties– The most cost effective way to bundle items where there is a need of rearranging the items later on. Means they are the reusable components.

  • Halar Ties– Most durable one and used in nuclear plants, aerospace, telecommunications. Their tensile strength varies as per the size variation, and resistant to fire and radiation. Moreover, if burnt they emit small amount of smoke.

  • Tefzel Ties– With a distinctive aqua color, they are used in applications which require resistance to hazards like uv radiation, chemical attacks, etc. Popular for being fire and acid resistant.

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties – Used in cases where there is some sort of liquid involved at extreme temperatures.

  • Metal Detectable Ties– Have most use in beverages, pharmaceuticals, and food preparation. They can be used with a magnet as made with the component where metal is mixed with the polymers.

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