A Fine Quality Cable Ties Manufacturers in Delhi

Cable ties, a useful item in manufacturing industry, is a kind of fastener, which is used for binding bunch of electric wires or cables, to organize them and thus to avoid the damage. These ties should be placed in less temperature in order to avoid them from disintegration, and also to have less pressure, in order to avoid bending.

cable tie

According to Wikipedia, cable ties were invented in 1958 by Thomas and Belts, where the initial use of them was for airplane wire harnesses. It used the metal tooth, but as the time passed, manufacturers moved to nylon and plastic design. This design has worked fine and lead to numerous products. This design used thousand feet of wires, organized on plywood and put in place with the support of knotted, waxcoated and braied nylon cord.

Uses of Cable ties-

  • For emergency shelter building
  • For tightly holding items
  • For repairing purposes
  • For preventing hubcaps (also known as wheel trims) from falling off a moving vehicle
  • For restraining prisoners(used by law enforcement)

Types of Cable ties-

Beaded cable ties: Unique beaded design allows them to be releasable and reusable

  • Releasable cable ties
  • Ladder style cable ties
  • Identification cable ties
  • Parallel entry cable ties
  • Tear-off cable ties

cable tie manufacturers

Nagpal Thread Factory, a brand name for cable tie manufacturer in India, is also a reputed name for producing wide range of products, including seal tags, loop and tag pins, cable ties, etc. We believe in delivering fine products to our clients, by ensuring quality standards at its step of manufacturing process. The final product produced is flawless and as per the client’s exact requirements.



Fine quality Hook and Loop fasteners for Fabric

Nagpal Thread Factory is a leading name in manufacturing industry,  which produces a range of items including cotton and other threads, cable ties, seal tags, tag and loop pins, Hook and Loop fasteners for Fabric, in various sizes and colors.

Hook and Loop fasteners for Fabric
Hook and Loop fasteners is a kind of dual structure fastener, where one part consists of tiny hooks, and other with small loops, and joining these two parts will give a strong bond and an adhesive strength. This bonding will remain active until both these parts are not separated.

Hook and Loop fasteners for Fabric

A Hook and Loop fasteners for fabric uses so many fabrics like nylon, polyester, etc to be made. Moreover, the adhesion loses its strength with time. But it is a cheap and easy to use product which can be used in various application areas.

It uses the pressure sensitive bonding for holding the two parts in any material and thus to apply temporary adhesion. This beneficial product is used as a tool in so many household applications, like for binding the curtains, in lace less shoes, in bathroom and garage for holding items, in medical areas etc.
Hook and Loop fasteners for Fabric
Nagpal Thread Factory follows the various stage of certification levels at each step of manufacturing process. From a raw product to a fully furnished processed form, each flaw has been minimized and the output product is of utmost fine quality. We guarantee the quality at its best with timely delivery assured.

Nagpal thread Factory- A Place for Best Quality Stranded Cotton Embroidery thread

Nagpal thread Factory, a leading name among cotton thread manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi, produces a wide range of cotton threads in multiple colors and sizes. The product made here are of the flawless s quality as they pass through all kind of the quality tests, and then delivered to the clients.
The raw product goes through series of steps, from cleaning, stretching and twisting, to take out a good quality material in the market, to be used by people around, in need.

Embroidery threads in delhi
There are various types of threads produced here, including-

  1. Cotton- Most preferred and comfortable fabric in market.
  2. Nylon- Shiny, durable and smooth finish product.
  3. Polyester- Category of polymer, mostly used in textile industries, and fabrics like bed sheets, curtains, and draperies.
  4. Embroidery thread- Used for various designs in fabric.

Stranded cotton embroidery thread is another range of product design made by Nagpal, as being one of the widely used and finest material in thread industry. It is a kind of embroidery floss, which of very fine quality and used in varied embroidery designs.

Embroidery threads in delhi
As the name suggest, this thread consists of multiple strands, mainly 6, to make it work effectively for making the silk fabric. There are immense features that make it comfortable to wear and pleasurable to use as well for stitching purposes.
Customer satisfaction is the primary motto at Nagpal threads,

and so the team here genuinely works at its best to deliver their results on time and with perfection.